Sunday, June 18, 2006

incredibly sparkling clean

Here comes a giant, fabulous, long-winded rave about a cleaning product I just tried!


Christine gave me some of this cleanser in my "organic home- and self-care kit" she made up for me for my birthday present.

This is the best cleanser I've ever used. Period.

It's not smelly, it's not harsh, but boy, does it clean grease and grime and stains like nothing I've ever tried. My kitchen was gross. Dust and stray cat hairs stuck in stuck-on grease gross. There is not a trace of this grime left. Sprinkle, scrub with a 3M green scrubbie, let sit for a couple of minutes, wipe clean with a damp rag. 'Tis all.

Most amazingly, this cleanser removed grease and burned-on food from my stovetop that I believed was permanent!

I can't wait to try this on my bathtub.

Half of the dishes are done, too! Hooray! No cooking will happen tonight, but the kitchen will be roarin' and ready to go for the next day I have time to cook!

I have my first voice lesson tomorrow morning, which is very exciting! (My church choir director offers free voice lessons for us during the summer, if we are interested.) Yay! After that, I have a looooong day ahead of me -- working until 9:30 p.m. This is the last of the screwy weeks for a while, thank golly!


Dori said...

You sing, you clean, you teach children... wow a real multi-talented person!

Thanks for sharing about that oxy-clean. If thre is a link that can tell me more, like how to purchase I'd love to see it.

KleoPatra said...

Organic products ROCK my world. Thanks for sharing this. You're definitely a good spokesmodel (i love that word! it's so un-politically korrekt) for this stuff 'cause i'm sold! :o)

Harmonia said...

great review! Will you be posting it on the board? Speaking of which I just PMed you there!

MeloMeals said...

Woohoo for new, non-toxic products that work! I'll have to check it out.. I usually make my own products, but it's nice to support businesses that make these things too, so I buy them now and then.

Eat Peace Please said...

I'm going to look for that cleanser. I use 7th Gen, but it doesn't tackle what you seemed to have tackled over there.

I also love the idea of that birthday gift you got.

Catherine Weber said...

Hey Dori! My friend bought it off of the website It's a website that sells vitamins and holistic remedeys, natural self- and home-care products, and a few other things at a lower cost than you'd find at your local co-op or something. I haven't done much investigating myself yet, but she loves them!

Everybody else, thanks for your comments!

funwithyourfood said...

haha I have never read so much about a cleaner before in my life! :)

good, detailed review girl


Catherine Weber said...

Teddy, I am nothing if not thorough . . . !

The other half of it is, I HATE to clean, so if I find something that makes cleaning easier, I get super-excited!