Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Midweek Munchies


I get so excited when the local produce starts to hit the co-op . . . !!!

six Wedge bakery burger buns
loaf of Great Harvest Bread Co. multigrain bread

just under a pound of Peace Coffee Sumatra City (fair trade and organic)
3/4 of a pound of organic brown flaxseed

16 ounces cut okra

a couple tablespoons of ground organic ginger

Garden of Eatin' sesame blues chips
15 ounces canned organic black-eyed peas
15 ounces Muir Glen organic no-salt added tomato sauce

1 small bunch organic celery
1 organic cucumber
2 organic bananas
1 organic red grapefruit
1 head organic purple garlic
1 bunch organic kale (local, too!)
1 bunch organic cilantro
8 organic white button mushrooms (local, too!)
2 organic white onions
1 small bunch organic green onions (local, too!)
2 organic green bell peppers
1 clamshell box local cherry tomatoes
1 clamshell box local strawberries

14 ounces House organic firm tofu
half-gallon Organic Valley plain soy milk
4-pack Holy Land whole wheat pita bread

Visit Harmonia for more info on Midweek Munchies.


Anonymous said...


It sounds like you are stocking up to make Hoppin John!! Am I right?! It is so good!!


KleoPatra said...

Okra... looking forward to seeing what you do with that, Catherine!

And may i ask: what on earth is purple garlic? I LOVE GARLIC!

Catherine Weber said...

Courtney, yes, I made Hoppin' John tonight for myself and a friend -- we really liked it, too! I'm so glad you liked it, and thanks again for testing!

Kleopatra, the okra went into the Hoppin' John, and as far as I can tell, the purple garlic is just garlic with purple stripes on its skin. The cloves seem to be a bit smaller than regular garlic, but that could just be the head that I picked out.