Thursday, June 15, 2006

Five Things

Thanks to Crystal for this fun idea!

5 healthy things in my kitchen:
cannellini beans
organic red grapes
a big head of butter lettuce
whole wheat pastry and bread flours

5 not-so-healthy things in my kitchen :
Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream
soy ice cream
the cookies I made last night (cookbook testing, after all!)
chocolate chips
Hershey's Syrup (hmm . . . can't remember the last time I've used it . . . I bet I should throw that out!)

5 things in my purse/bag:
sunglasses (prescription)
travel-size Burt's Bees Hand Salve

5 things in my car:
two carseats (Little Boy's and Little Girl's)
loads and loads and loads and loads of crumbs (ahem, Little Boy and Little Girl!)
a big stack of directions to different places
a plastic gas can (I once ran out of gas in the middle of Hwy 55, a block and a half away from the gas station, during rush-hour traffic -- no fun!)
half a bottle of transmission fluid (my transmission acts up on occasion . . . )

Anybody else care to join in?


MeloMeals said...

I'm going to make your soup tonight! I will measure and everything. (that will be soo hard for me!).. I even went out and got the curry paste and lite coconut milk instead of diluting the heavy coconut milk and making my own curry paste.

Crystal said...

Earplugs!! I also have those with me at all times...can't go to a movie without them.

I will also be making your recipe soon - can you believe we still haven't gone grocery shopping since I got it? I did pick up a couple things here and there and did find French green lentils and vegan worcestshire sauce.


Dori said...

5 Things....
Better grab a cup of joe while I ponder over this.

-ME, haha!
-coffeemaker (darn the pots' empty)

-potato chips
-ketchup with corn syrup
-white beet sugar
-dark chocolate, the bad good for me
-old stick of soy margarine (really gotta throw this trans fatladen thing away

- I've been carrying a backpack with way to many things
-silverware in glove compartment
-coffee cup
-campus parking pass

funwithyourfood said...

I made you soup and posted about it.. take a look-sy :)


Eat Peace Please said...

5 things in the kitchen:
-Killian's food/water
-nerf basketball net
-empty space where a kitchen table should be (turned into basketball court)
-washer/dryer next to fridge
-a bookshelf and books

5 not-so-healthy things in the kitchen:
-Tofutti cream cheese unopened for months
-Chocolate Chips
-3 kinds of ice cream (dairy for Ray, soy for me, his is the bad one)
-a bottle of bleach
-crumbs in the corners

5 things in my bag:
-pimple cover-upper (like a pencil)
-a pen
-envelope filled with coupons

5 things in my car:
-garbage and misc. crap
-cd's and cassette tapes
-2 sunshades and one cardboard box keeping out the sunlight and heat
-Ray's bass speaker/amp
-lucky Buddah doll, veg stickers, lucky mini-woven-shoes (basically fun decor), a fortune from a cookie years ago that says "be prepared to park in the driveway of success". I'm still waiting for that parking spot.

I probably could have gone with 20 things for each category! Good post!

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

5 healthy things in my kitchen:
Green Beans
Fresh OJ

5 not-so-healthy things in my kitchen:
Animal Crackers
Fruit Chews

5 things in my purse/bag:
Chapstick (Burt's Bees)
Sunglasses (3 pair ~ mine & the girls')
Sun Screen
Little Toys

5 things in my car:
Canvas Bags
Paper & Pen
Sun Hat
Dog Leash

I posted your Sloppy Lentils today!