Sunday, August 13, 2006

meals -- one out, one homemade

I did manage to snap a quick photo of my meal out at Psycho Suzi's with Ann and Michelle last night. They both gave me crap for taking a picture of our dinner, but they'll get used to it. :)


The great thing about Psycho Suzi's is it's so trashy, it's awesome. Dark, dank, biker-tiki-bar atmosphere, with awesome pizza and crazy appetizers, drinks that light on fire, and beer and cider in cans. We ordered onion rings and tater tots to start, and then a white pizza with tomatoes, spinach, and artichokes. (Hmm . . . I think it's official title is "The Fastback.") Unfortunately, our tots and rings arrived at the same time as our pizza, which did help with the photography purposes, but made for an interesting meal. ;-) Our rings were also significantly overcooked -- dark brown and ultra-crispy (not really a good thing,) and the service was painfully slow. Usually, we have an excellent time at Psycho Suzi's . . . last night was definitely an exception to the rule. (And P.S. I did not eat vegan. They don't have soy cheese, although I'm sure they'd make a cheese-free pizza.)

Next, my lunch today! Barbecued tofu, whole-wheat couscous (with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt,), and a big salad of romaine, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, red wine vinegar, and extra-virgin olive oil. Chai (made with rice milk) to drink, and a chunk of Green and Black's chocolate for dessert (not pictured.) Yum.


I did not plan ahead, so I made "emergency BBQ Tofu" instead of my regular version, which involves pressing and marinading the tofu for several hours. I sliced & blotted the tofu, pan-fried it in a bit of canola oil, blotted off the excess oil, tossed the slightly crispy strips in barbecue sauce, and called it lunch. I think I might like this version even better than the labor-intensive one . . . !


Eat Peace Please said...

Ok, so even though I commented below about the pumpkin pie, I guess it's because I'm still dizzy, but...
1. I didn't even realize that YOUR CAMERA ARRIVED! Yay! And I did read the post that you mentioned it coming.
2. You changed your page. I think earlier when I looked at the pie it was black, but then again, this is me and you could have changed your page weeks ago! Oops. It all looks great.

Finally, what a difference in the photos of the pizza and fried veggies to the tofu and couscous and salad! I found that funny (and the couscous photo is the better one to me).

I'm looking forward to you having your camera!

funwithyourfood said...

look at all the pictures! I love it and the new look for the blog. It's like a whole new catherine.
I ALWAYS feel weird taking pics of my food but screw it dude!- I like it haha


Catherine Weber said...

Leslie, I'm so sorry you're still dizzy! Any news about when you might be getting better? The camera arrived on Friday -- weeeee! I've been a little snap-happy this weekend. And I did just change my template this afternoon -- you're not completely crazy! (Yet!?!)

Teddy, I figure I'll get used to taking pictures of food in public -- it's just my friends that have to put up with it!

KleoPatra said...

Hey, i absolutely lovelovelove the new blog look, Catherine! And the food looks so good here as well. Tres fantastique!

Crystal said...

Yay for the new camera!! It's nice to see pictures up on here and it will be nice for you since you have an upcoming trip.

2nd Yay for Psycho Suzi's - just went there again recently and are heading there tonight for some good and greasy grub. Too bad about the onion rings being over cooked. That's one of my favorite things there.


Anonymous said...

Boo for overcooked Onion rings! :P They look even better in the picture than I remembered. Oh, well. The tots and Pizza made up for the rings.