Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend Munchies -- Late Sunday Edition


My shopping this week was more of a "quick run to the store for special low-maintenance dinner and also gently toss a few random produce items into the basket" edition. Hence, MWM, the Late Sunday Edition. Spoils:

a hunk of vegan walnut apple crisp from the deli (SOOOOOO tasty)
one Matthew's vegan burrito
two Cherry Pie LaraBars
two organic, fair-trade bananas
one organic yellow peach
half an organic canteloupe

And with this week's edition, a funny story:

I went to the store with my friend Afton (hi Afton!) and she used my member number, which is totally kosher at my co-op. When she got her reciept, we chuckled that I saved her a whole eleven cents. Our cashier joked, "yes, but I gave her 30 cents!" (i.e., her change.) We laughed some more; I said, "well Afton, you should be happy to know that you are worth eleven cents to me." Again, all three of us laughed. As my cashier rang up my groceries, he asked me, "do you happen to be vegan, by chance?" I replied, "well, very nearly. I eat cheese on occasion, and only when provoked." We exchanged the "I know what you mean" roll of the eyes. He commented that he's had to pretty much stop eating out since he went vegan, and then we talked about how difficult it is to find vegan options at restaurants, etc. I paid for my groceries, he gave me my change and told us both to enjoy our evenings, and we were off to the parking lot.

When we got to the car, Afton says, "he was flirting with you and you totally missed it!" Now, I'm just not sure about that one -- people are usually that friendly at the co-op, especially vegan to vegan conversations. Perhaps I really missed the boat on that one . . . ?? Who knows.


Earlier today, Afton and I wandered around the Uptown Art fair, and I got some really cool free stuff! I didn't actually buy any art, but there were two really awesome booths -- Stonyfield Farms Organic had a huge display about the benefits of organic farming, and then the "Organic and Natural Experience (ONE) Tour" had a booth with tons and tons of free samples, and free coupon books! I got coupons for the following:

Alba Bath & Body
Annie's pastas/crackers
Annies dressings/marinades
Avalon Organics Bath & Body
Cascadian Farm Organic
Clif Bar
Clif Mojo
Clif Nectar
Dr. Bronner's & Sun Dog's Magic
Earthbound Farm Organic
Fantastic Foods
Garden of Eatin' Tortilla Chips
MaraNatha nut butters
Muir Glen Organic tomato products
Nature's Path products
Organic Valley soy milk
Pacific Natural Foods
R.W. Knudsen juice
Santa Cruz Organic juice
Seventh Generation
Stonyfield Farm yogurt
Utne (Understanding the Next Evolution) magazine (I also got a free issue -- I'll let you know how it is)

Watch for the ONE tour in your neck of the woods, so you can score these goodies, too!


Anonymous said...

AHHH!! I had a similar "he's totally flirting with you, but I had no clue moment" today at work. Some customer was chatting me up and after he left a co-worker mentioned it. I am so clueless with that, too.

funwithyourfood said...

I say you go back to that store and flirt back!!
It's fun :)


Anonymous said...

That coupon book is a real winner! Should be lots of fun using them all.

Carrie™ said...

Holy coupons! I checked out the ONE link, but they are only in the States. *sigh* You guys have all the good stuff. I'm jealous.
I would go back to the co-op too and see if "boy" is working. Chat him up and see what happens. No harm in talking to a fellow vegan, is there? At the very least, you might have a new buddy.

Anonymous said...

Catherine....I think you forgot some very important items on your grocery list. You better march back over to the coop and pick them up asap. Who knows, maybe the friendly vegan cashier will be there to "check you out"!!!

Catherine Weber said...

You guys are so funny. :) I really don't think he was flirting with me, because everyone's that friendly at the co-op! Also, Afton's from New Jersey, so she's not used to "Minnesota Nice."

Anyhow, you may have a point. I may have to go grocery shopping this morning wih the kids anyhow -- I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Michelle, I have the funniest story about that -- Christine and I were at Spyhouse once on our break (when I still worked at the ELC) and as we were walking out, there was this really cute guy staring at us, who made eye contact with me. Of course, I (accidentally) glower at him while thinking, "do I know him?? Why is he staring at me?" He must have thought I thought he was the biggest jerk! Oh well.

Teddy, that's great advice, but I am the WORST flirt ever. I don't know what I can do to solve this problem of mine!

VV, I was SO excited about the coupon book. I can't wait to start saving money!!! Wooo-eee! (P.S. I finally got around to linking you!)

Carrie, we may have "all the good stuff" in the states, but we also have the crappiest president ever, so it balances out in the end, right? ;) (I finally got around to linking you, too!)

Megan, I may have forgotten something important . . . I'll look through the fridge and try to find something . . . !!!

Crystal said...

Hmmm..he totally could have been flirting and you missed it. Since I'm attached, I totally miss a lot of flirting opps and my friends kick me later.

I have so many books of those coupons - they are great! We got them from an event we went to at the State Fair grounds this spring.
Happy shopping!


KleoPatra said...

*flirting* awwwww that is so sweet...

Great food, fun post!

Dori said...

I checked out that one link, thanks for sharing that... great program! i wish there was something like that going on in my state. I got out voted on the minnesota trip. Everyone else decided Misoouri was the place to be this month.

Catherine Weber said...

Bummer, Dori! Next year, right?
Regardless, hope you all have tons of fun!