Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weekend Whomper Munchies

Since I've been out of town for a week, I needed more than a few things today!!


A few important shortcuts:

FT = fair trade
O = organic
FTO = fair trade and organic
L = local
LO = local and organic
C = had a coupon
S = on sale!

1 loaf Rudi's 100% whole wheat bread (C)

a little over half a pound of Twin Cities blend FTO Peace Coffee

8 count "totally vanilla" Tofutti Cuties
SnoPac O whole strawberries (S)
1 Amy's non-dairy burrito (C)
O coconut fruit popsicles
16 ounces Purely Decadent Cookie Avalanche

about a tablespoon of whole O fennel seed

Cascadian Farms O Honey Nut O's (C)
Cinnamon Puffins (C, S)
15 ounces Eden O chickpeas
15 ounces Eden O cannellini beans
Endangered Species FTO raspberry-dark chocolate bar (C)
Sorrel Ridge strawberry all-fruit spread
Celestial Seasonings peppermint tea (the 40-count box!)
Mori-Nu O firm tofu
O pumpkin puree
O Lite coconut milk
4-count 7th Generation TP (C)

Avalon O Lavender shower gel (C)

LO romaine head
1 LO cucumber
2 O bananas
1 O avocado
1 O mango
1 O lemon
1 O lime
1 O bartlett pear (S)
1 O nectarine
1 O white peach (S)
LO button mushrooms
LO "torpedo" red onions
1 LO yellow onion
1 LO red bell pepper
2 O small russett potatoes
1 O yam (S)
1 bunch LO red radishes
1 package O strawberries
1/4 O watermelon
LO baby spinach bag
LO grape tomatoes clamshell box
LO sage
LO thyme

12 ounces Tofutti better than sour cream (S)
8 ounces 3-grain tempeh
10 ounces Follow Your Heart vegan cheddar
14 ounces House O firm tofu
64 ounces enriched RiceDream
4 WholeSoy yogurts (peach, apricot mango, lemon, and mixed berry)


Anonymous said...

Yum! I could devour your frozen food section in minutes!!

The cat food I feed Bailey is Evolution dry. Here's the website. I order it from them online. They've been in business for 17 years. Their food contains all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that cats need (including taurine). I believe that cats are carnivores but I also believe that if they get appropriate amounts of protein, they can and do live healthy, long lives on vegan food.

Our cat loves the food and gobbles it right up. We usually wet it for her with a 50% food/50% water mixture and it only takes about 15-20 minutes to soften.

Good news for you is that the company is in St. Paul, MN so you can just pop on over there and pick up a bag without having to pay for shipping.

I wanted to feed our dog Evolution also but the cost is too prohibitive right now so I initially went with V-Dog (another vegan dog food manufacturer). For cats, it's not too bad because they don't really eat much. But, at 85 pounds, my Greyhound eats a lot. It would cost about $75 to have a bag shipped to me which is almost twice what I paid for a bag of V-Dog and my dog would easily go through a whole bag before the month was up. Unfortunately, V-Dog didn't agree with my grey (very loose stools). So we're trying a meat based food to see if that helps. If I can get his stools to firm up, I'm going to try to gradually wean him back onto V-Dog or at least maybe do 50% V-Dog and 50% meat food. If it were up to me, I'd buy the Evolution and call it a day but my husband didn't want to get a dog in the first place and doesn't appreciate the extra costs so I'm having to make some sacrifices to keep the peace.

I'm not sure if you have heard about Iams but they're a terrible company that unecessarily tortures animals. To find out more information, PETA has a website I strongly urge you to look into another food, vegan or not.

About the Diet Coke, I'm with you. I don't buy it at home but I do tend to drink it while I'm out and about. I'd really like to stop because I know how bad it is for our bodies.

Shall we have a contest to motivate us? Whoever succumbs and drinks Diet Coke first must forfeit something to the winner. I have a coupon good for ANY Tofutti product (worth $3.99) that I will send you if I consume Diet Coke before you. Are you in?

Catherine Weber said...

Crystal, yep, I'm in for the anti-Diet Coke challenge! Let's see . . . I'll bring $4 worth of coupons to the table, too! $1 off Clif Nectar, $1 off Cascadian Farms, $1 off MaraNatha nut butters, and $1 off any Tofutti product!

Thanks for the info on Evolution -- I'll definitely look into it!

Anonymous said...

Cool. You're on! I'll be waiting for your slip up post... Muwahahahaha! :)

KleoPatra said...

I love EVERYTHING on that table! Holy moley! I'd be on cloud 9 to have those goodies in my pantry and freezer and fridge! I have some of it... PUFFINS rock my world, btw.

I do drink diet Coke on occasion, but i prefer to stay away from it...

Joe said...

I love puffins.... the peanut butter is definitely a favorite!

Catherine Weber said...

Kleopatra and Joe, what is it about Puffins that makes them sooooo good? They're not THAT sugary . . . !?!? I do love the peanut butter ones, but I think they are kind of gross dry, so I don't buy them as much -- sometimes I like a handfull of dry cereal as a snack. I really wanted the regular kind, but they were temporarily out of stock at my co-op! Boo. I had the cinnamon ones today, though -- no complaints. :)