Saturday, August 26, 2006


Yum. I devoured "Mt. Falafel" for dinner tonight!
Wholegrain pita with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, tahini sauce (made simply of tahini, lemon juice, water, and a little garlic salt,) and Fantastic Foods falafel.

Balls or patties? Baked or fried? Let the great falafel debate begin. I will add my opinion in the comments later.


Anonymous said...

Baked balls for me!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous. I have to say I like fried cause of the crispy factor. But sometimes I bake when I feel I need for health!

KleoPatra said...

Fried is so good... and i am not a patty fan... i much prefer the balls. (Hey, ummm, err... that sounded... uh, never mind!)

Falafel is GREAT! i love it! It was one of my first veggie eats from way before i "turned" veg!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, falafel is the best. I like falafel balls as well, but I usually end up making patties because it's just easier. As far as baked or fried, I guess it depends on my mood because I love both. I only tried baking some recently and I was suprised at how great they were. I like that it's slightly healthier when I'm not in the mood for grease, but it doesn't compromise anything (except, well, grease). But when I'm buying it from a vendor then definately fried, it's just part of the full falafel vendor experience I guess.

madeinalaska said...

I LOVE anything falafel!!
that doesn't really answer your question though does it?
i am a bit overweight (i think in part to my tendency’s towards fried,.. and um beer..) soo i would vote baked patty's in the end its all good, isn't it? ya, i tried one falafel a raw resturant even that was delish!!! oh by the way...yours look fantastic!

Dori said...

I like balls and I prefer baked. I often can't handle the oil in fried foods... makes me nautious.

That butterfly picture below, awesome A+, i really enjoyed seeing it.

Carrie™ said...

That is the best friggin' picture I've seen today. I love, love, love falafel. It's high up there on my list of favorite foods. I don't care what shape or if they're fried or baked, just gimmee some!
I don't know what's happening with Blogger. I've had trouble posting pictures and I had one big post disappear. I was really ticked. I had to type it all in again. I had horrible thoughts that maybe I got hi-jacked like Kai. It seems Ok now though. I did notice your post of the playroom clean-up was gone and it threw me right off because that's what I kept seeing when I was checking to see if you were back. Things in the blogger world have definitely been strange for the past couple of weeks.

OK, I'm picking fried balls. (let the raunchy thought process begin)

funwithyourfood said...

3 posts in one day!!!

I'm having trouble keeping up :)

I like balls and oven baked AND fried sounds weird but after their baked you can fry them for JUST a min or two and it creates that yummy crispy outside


Catherine Weber said...

Carrie, I've gone back and deleted a few posts in an attempt to refocus my blog on food (mostly.) I posted about it a couple of days ago. SO, I guess Blogger has been fine for me -- doing just what I ask it to! (Well, come to think of it, it didn't let me post a few comments on other people's blogs yesterday . . . so I guess it hasn't been exactly fine . . . !)

My falafel verdict: fried patties. Why? Fried = delicious crispy outside and extra-special treat. (Although I'll eat 'em baked.) Patties = less falling apart while cooking and better fitting into the pita without pita explosion/rippage.

jenny said...

Fried balls on flatpita (not pocket pita). with parsley, lettuce, and tomatoes with tahini dressing.

But those certainly look scrumptious!! Did you makae them??

Catherine Weber said...

Jenny, I did make them, but they came from a box -- one of those "just add water" mixes. :) Sometimes we all have to cheat a little, right?

Eat Peace Please said...

mmm. Falafel is my favorite food next to ice cream! I love whatever kind it is, but prefer it fried (especially since my oven-thing) but for sure fried and patties. If they come as balls that's fine, but I end up smashing them down to patty-like falafel. This looks amazing Catherine!

Crystal said...

Picture looks great! I'd have to say that my preference is fried patties. I've tried them all different kinds of ways and baked just doesn't do it for me.


Nikk said...

I prefer fried balls if I'm getting them while out, but if I'm making them at home I bake little patty-balls.

That sounded so wrong. They look really REALLY good.