Tuesday, August 29, 2006

question answered

Well, it seems as though I was able to answer my earlier question with a little more digging. Blogger is only letting a few people upgrade to Beta at a time, and when it's my turn to upgrade, a link will appear in my dashboard. Sheesh.

So, those of you that have upgraded, know that I'd like to be leaving you comments right now, but I can't! Ack.


funwithyourfood said...

hmm i don't think i've upgraded to anything. but i can comment on everyone.


Anonymous said...

Funny - I have upgraded to the new Beta version and since then I've had trouble posting comments on other people's blogs. It seems to be getting my username and password all screwed up. Now I have different usernames for this google account and for blogger, and it seems to get confused when it asks for one or the other.

Catherine Weber said...

Teddy, that is weird!
Megan, I've tried commenting on your blog twice now, and when I click on the "post comment" button, nothing happens! Sheesh.

Eat Peace Please said...

What is with this blogger beta? Is it supposed to be better? If so, I've only heard negative things about it. I hope you get yours soon and it works in your favor. What's up with the no commenting on beta blogs?

Anonymous said...

at this moment i dont see the beta thing in my own blog that i open this week! what a weird is that beta thing!

Anonymous said...

Grrrrr. The blogger beta thing is a pain in the butt. I've been having trouble commenting all day.

On the Diet Coke front, I made a whole gallon of decaf iced tea and then I blended 3 very ripe peaches with a bit of water and added it to my tea. Yum! This will definitely keep me out of trouble for a while. :)

Catherine Weber said...

Crystal, I've replaced Diet Coke with sparkling water for now. I haven't caved yet! My hope is that, after a few weeks, neither one of us will have caved and we can call it a draw!
Your tea sounds fabulous, by the way!