Wednesday, November 22, 2006

job-tastic, yam-tastic, cat-in-a-box, plus one!

Again, it has been a busy week in the life of a food snob. Yesterday was day 6 of a 6-day work stretch. I love, love, love my job -- I love being surrounded by people who love food as much as I do all day long, I've always loved working retail, and my boss has been pretty cool about giving me as many hours as I'd like for December and into January. We've been selling a lot of pie plates, roasting pans, and digital probe thermometers this week -- everyone's stocking up for Thanksgiving cooking, methinks! I have received many compliments on my job performance so far, including several managers and the owner of the store. I also have mostly been trapped behind the register, and my drawer's never been off by more than a penny or two. Am I that anal retentive? Maybe. Is it silly that I like working retail so much? Maybe. I've already talked to my boss about long-term employment with them, and they are very interested in keeping me around 32 hours a week, after January, if I'm interested. I have to think about this one, because it's just not enough hours/income for me to be able to stay in my apartment. I have simplified my life quite a bit over the past year or so, and think that I am just about at the end of being able to cut expenses. I'm going to have to generate more income somehow -- maybe babysitting? Who knows. I do still want time to work on my cookbook as well, so those 32 hours are starting to sound really attractive. I'll keep you posted.

I haven't been cooking much this week, but I do have one glorious food photo for you!
Sweet Potato Fries! (Or, more accurately, Yam Fries!) Vegenaise on the side there for dipping fabulousness.

I also have a Cat-in-a-Box:

And, one other piece of news: although I have been a party of one for over four years now, I have very recently (within the last week) added a "plus one" to my life! Remember mention of my friend Dan? Well, we finally made a little progress into relationship-land. Because this is the internet, I am going to be as vague as humanly possible, but suffice to say, I'm happy & he's happy, I think. :)

Oh yes, and despite this news, I will continue to work on "Party of One" as if nothing has changed. My mission to feed the single folks of the world well has not been dampered one bit!

Happy Tofurkey Day, everyone!


Freedom said...

That's so great that you're enjoying your job so much (and doing so well!) Hopefully it keeps going excellently for you. What is it with cats and getting in boxes? Do they just know how cute they are?
Oh and congratulations on your "party of two!" I wish you and Dan lots of happiness and fun times.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that your job is going so well and that you are enjoying it.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

bazu said...

I'm happy to hear everything is going so well for you (if hectic!) You have a great Tofurkey day, too!
Aren't sweet potatoes just the bestest?

Eat Peace Please said...

You are super-cute! I remember Dan, the music guy right? Or the guy you went to shows with? Anyhow, congrats on that, you sound enthusiastic and positive and I am glad Party of One isn't changing. I think even a party of 4 could benefit from that book because everyone is alone to cook/eat sometimes.

Congrats on your job too Catherine, that sounds like fun being around people who love food and kitchen stuff all day long. Do you think that maybe you could just see what happens come January and see if they will offer you more money (or you ask for a raise)? That may solve everything right then and there. Anyhow, glad to see you back and posting (and Oliver).

jenny said...


I'm hapy for you.

Catherine Weber said...

Freedom, thanks! What IS it about cats in boxes? Oliver's favorite places are cardboard boxes and the laundry basket! Silly kitty.

Thanks, Courtney! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

Bazu, I hear ya on the sweet potato front. They are one of my favorite veggies EVER!

Leslie, yep, Dan is the "music guy" -- he's a drummer, actually. He plays in four local bands. And about my job . . . I did ask for a raise already, which they gave to me! It's still not enough money to continue to live in my one-bedroom apartment, however. I've toyed with the idea of moving to a studio for a while now . . . we'll just have to wait and see how the (salt and vinegar kettle) chips fall! ;-)

Thanks, Jenny! (Is it silly for me to say I'm happy for me too?? Maybe. But it doesn't make it any less true!)

Anonymous said...

So happy your new job is working out for you. Who knows, maybe if you stick it out, you'll be promoted before you know it with an even heftier raise. Congratulations on your party of 2! This Thanksgiving you truly do have so many things to be grateful for.

Anonymous said...

you're so cute with your hints about your party of 2. I want to reach though this computer and squeeze all the juicy and exciting details out of you. The beginning stages of relationships are so exciting. Butterflies!

Anonymous said...

im happy that you like your job and that you added a "plus one" in to your life ;)
hope you have a good thanksgiving

Catherine Weber said...

megan, you can always email me if you really want details . . . !

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

i KNEW dan was special - i could just tell - congrats & luckily, it's easy to double the recipes for party of 1! cute cat-in-the-box -- better than a "jack" :o)

funwithyourfood said...

my my my- no longer a party of one!! that's amazing news. good luck to you two :)