Tuesday, September 11, 2007

food; bummer; kids say the darndest . . .

First, the tabouli that I made to take to the work potluck on Sunday night:

After I made the tabouli, I got all excited about massive amounts of guacamole. I made a big batch of baked chips from the leftover tortillas I had hanging around:

And then I cut open the avocado to make the guacamole:
MAJOR bummer. There was not a salvageable part of this ginormous avocado. Worse even was that when I tried to scoop out a tiny bite from the top that wasn't all gross, the flesh tasted starchy and disgusting. In the future, I will stick with the Haas and Fuerte avocadoes that I have had mostly successes with. (Just so disappointing! Sometimes, I guess things are too good to be true, right?)

Last, a story from work:

One of the little girls in my class was being pushed around by one of the older boys yesterday afternoon. I said to her, "the next time he does that, turn around and say to him, "stop pushing me! I don't like that!" Use a strong voice." She replied, "Like a pirate?"

Tee hee. Kids say the darndest things.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! That is too bad about the avocado. BUT, if you haven't tossed it yet (or can fish it out of the trash!) the Wedge will totally reimburse you or give you store credit. I have taken things back before, even without a receipt, with absolutely no problems. They are really nice about it!

Your tabouli looks fantastic, by the way!


Catherine Weber said...

Hey Courtney, that's good to know about the Wedge taking stuff back -- I don't typically have produce problems from them, but this is good information for the future. Thanks!

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

mmmm, your tabouli looks terrific! I'd use the chips to dip that yumminess up with. are you teaching again? lucky kids if you are! that's a cute story...

bazu said...

I'm sorry about the avocado- it looked so good on the outside, we all had high hopes for it! The tabbouli and the chips look magnificent though.

funwithyourfood said...

LOL PLEASE tell me you said "yes, exactly like a pirate!!"


Catherine Weber said...

Vicki, thanks! Yep, I started teaching again mid-August. I enjoyed my break from it, but am glad to be back. :)

Bazu, thanks! I think the phrase "too good to be true" definitely explains the avocado situation. Oh well!

Teddy, I know! I was so taken aback; I had never heard a child use "like a pirate" to describe a forceful voice before! After I recovered my initial shock at her creativity, I said, "yes, like a pirate." She laughed, and ran off to keep playing.

Anonymous said...

We picked up an avocado just like that. It was perfectly ripe and didn't have the bad parts that yours did. Unfortunately, it was awful. Hubby couldn't believe it was an avocado. We ate the "guacamole" for 3 days but we wouldn't buy it again. That's for sure.

Cute pirate story.