Sunday, September 23, 2007

I've been tagged!

Judy tagged me. Here goes! (I'm supposed to come up with an adjective that described me for each letter of my name. Tricky . . . )

C = creative (We all express our creativity in different ways. My creative outlets are food, obviously, and also, music and writing.)
A = active (I'm not an athlete or anything . . . I just can't sit still. Type A, always busy doing something or on the go. It's very, very good that I'm dating a very low-key, self-described "lazy guy." He makes me slow down!)
T = thinker (I like to think things through a lot, and talk about them with other people. Sometimes I overthink things, too.)
H = happy (I feel like I'm a reasonably happy person -- I have a lot to be thankful for!)
E = earnest (I am an honest, somewhat serious person. I tend to be quite reserved, but an observer. What you see is what you get!)
R = responsible (Goes along with the active and thinker adjectives -- I'm generally on top of my life, and get stuff done.)
I = intense (I just have a lot of energy that tends to ooze out of my pores. People sense this when they first meet me, and they either really like it, or really don't.)
N = naive (In the good sense of the word -- I tend to assume positive intent, and hope I am reasonably compassionate.)
E = even (I tend to be pretty even-keel most of the time, which is strange, because when I was young, I was very emotional. All those years of teaching must have taught me to just roll with it!)

Now, I'm supposed to tag as many people as there are letters in my name. Since there are nine letters in my name, consider yourself tagged, if you haven't been already!

Segue . . .

My two trips to vegetarian restaurants this weekend have fallen way short of my expectations. Dan and I went to Evergreen, a local Taiwanese restaurant that specializes in mock meats, and I was sorely disappointed. My curried noodles were greasy, and contained a whole plethora of mock meats, which I was not expecting . . . I don't really care for mock meats, and I was expecting a plethora of vegetables, because I thought that was what the menu said. Dan said his curried mock duck was good, although it needed soy sauce and chilis. We'll try it again -- next time, I'll just stick with the tofu. :)

I was also supposed to go to Hard Times with Courtney tonight, but she had to cancel, because she has a stress fracture in her right leg! Poor Courtney! (Some of you may receive regular comments from Courtney on your blog, although she does not have her own blog.) We'll reschedule.

I'm currently working on a big batch of marinara, and also some coconut rice pudding, so I'll take pictures and post later this week. :) Until then!


Carrie™ said...

I hate it when there's excitement to try a new restaurant and it's a total let down. I go away feeling like I've wasted my money. I hope you have better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you did not have a good experience at Evergreen (I have actually never heard that restaurant)!

We will totally have to get some blog-worthy vegan food together soon!


bazu said...

It's good to learn more about you! Yours is one of my favorite blogs, because it allows a glimpse into your life and the evolution of your food and other things.
I can't wait to see your coconut rice pudding- please give us a recipe for it!