Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cat blogging

Does anybody else's cat do this?
Oliver has always liked licking cups/glasses/pop cans -- the condensation, maybe?

Come to think of it, he licks the windows in the winter, too . . . !


Shawn Powers said...

Our dog drinks the water out of the track under the sliding glass door when it rains. It's horribly yucky looking, but apparently it has flava... ;)

J said...

You have one cute, and kind of strange kitty. :-)

Gabby will lick the water out of the bottom of the shower when we are done, and she has been known to lick the water off our legs before.

Nermal doesn't do any of those things, but she will only drink out of a running faucet now.

Critters are weird.

Cody said...

Condensation and beads of water on the shower curtain are apparently far superior to any bowl of water, yes. Cats have weird preferences.