Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"five or less" is out the window . . .

. . . at least for the short-term. Why? Because Dan and I are going camping this weekend, and there are just a few fun things that you HAVE to have while camping, like veggie dogs, buns, marshmallows, and pop!

Yes, I probably could technically have made ALL of those things . . . but, Suzy Veggie Homemaker that I am, I just don't have time this week. So, we're cheating a little! My grocery haul, (and what a haul, physically, it was!), tonight:
Rudi's organic wheat hot dog buns
loaf organic, local oat bran bread

dried Craisins
pound locally-roasted, organic, fair-trade coffee

sliced provolone (hormone-free and veg rennet)
sliced pepper jack (hormone-free and veg rennet)

local, organic blueberries

Blue Sky Imperial Green Tea Soda
Blue Sky White Tea Pomegranate Soda
Blue Sky Red Tea Raspberry Soda
(I bought three kinds of pop just because I couldn't choose between any of those three flavors -- they all sounded SO delicious!)
box zipper storage bags
roll Seventh Generation brown paper towels
roll Seventh Generation toilet paper
bag salt and vinegar Kettle Chips
bag "original" mixed root veggie Terra Chips
kosher marshmallows (not vegetarian . . . feel free to chastize me a little if you need to!)

head organic romaine lettuce
four organic bananas
two bunches organic green grapes
six organic apricots
four organic peaches
four organic plums
one small organic green cabbage
one bunch organic green onions
three local, organic tomatoes
package local alfalfa sprouts

package Yves "Good Dogs"
dozen organic, local eggs

Can you believe stone fruits were cheaper per pound than apples this week?? Exciting, but a little crazy, if you ask me!

When I came home from the store, I made another batch of Tropical Lemon-Coconut Muffins to take camping this weekend. (Quick breakfast with some fruit and a hard-boiled egg or two, eh?) I doubled the recipe this time, cut out half the coconut, and added a very generous cup of frozen blueberries to the batter. Look how gorgeous the avocado looks, pureed with the agave nectar!
Finished muffins:

And, I leave you with the cat:
What is it about laundry baskets that cats love so much, anyway?


Anonymous said...

I forgive you for breaking your 5 or less rule...just this once! :P Just kiddin'.

I like that brand of buns-Rudi's. I have only tried the burger ones, though. I don't like veggie dogs that much, but you better believe that if I go camping this summer, I will buy some! They're a must.

That avocado puree is really pretty!

Have a wonderful time camping!!

Oh, and I can't put anything past you. Although, I am not confirming nor denying that your Liz Lovely answer is correct ;)

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Oooh, have fun camping this weekend!! And enjoy those Tropical Lemon-Coconut Muffins - yum!!

Haha, definitely looks like your cat loves the laundry basket :0)

J said...

WOW! That is a load from the grocery store, you weren't kidding! Haha! I hope you guys have a blast on your trip!

And Oliver looks cute in the laundry basket. Our kitties do that too, and one of their favorite things to do is lay on freshly washed clothing.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous time camping! It looks like you will have delicious fuel for whatever camping activities you do :o)


Rural Vegan said...

Have a great time camping! And could your kitty be any cuter in that basket?!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a blast on your camping trip!