Tuesday, January 13, 2009

no fruit today?

No picture, sorry. But I had coffee at home, and a bowl of (homemade) granola with soy milk at work. Then I took my vitamin, too. Having an early chiropractor appointment tends to throw things off a little bit!

Beans and brown rice with shredded pepper-jack, and a side salad. I also had a piece of organic vanilla-caramel hard candy.

No picture again! But I snuck into the kitchen this afternoon and had a piece of coconut cake. Dense, moist cake, cream cheese frosting, all topped with coconut. It was delicious . . . and totally worth it!

I came home and did yoga right away tonight, which pushed dinner back a little farther than it probably should have been pushed. I was craving carbs and salt by the time I started cooking, so I did my best:
A whole-wheat English muffin with Earth Balance. Not pictured: slice of mozzarella cheese.
And . . .
Totally inauthentic, but still very tasty, dumpling soup. I threw some veggie broth, tamari, rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, frozen spinach, and "fiesta blend" edamame into a pan, and brought the lot to a boil. I then tossed in six (homemade) frozen dumplings, let them cook, and then started slurping. Definitely satisfied the salt craving!

More pudding.

25 minutes of yoga, plus my usual chasing around of small children.


Hmm . . . no fruit today. Weird. Must be the bitter cold temps, making me want to pack in the carbs??


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's the cold! All I want is bread and tea. I'm freezing!

Sharon said...

I crave carbs too when it's freezing! Hang in there and bundle up!