Thursday, January 08, 2009

some pre-FLOG action

The week's groceries:

local, organic, whole-wheat bread flour
arrowroot powder

coconut sorbet
local, organic spinach
organic baby lima beans

kava kava root

organic safflower oil
marinated artichoke hearts
Spanish saffron
tomato paste (in a tube)
organic vanilla caramel hard candy
organic ginger mints
organic tomato sauce
organic diced tomatoes (no salt added)
organic tomato paste (in a can)
Seventh Generation TP

organic celery
organic bananas
organic lemons
organic cara cara oranges
organic pears
organic dino kale
organic cilantro
organic parsley
local, organic cremini mushrooms
organic yellow onions
organic green pepper
local, organic blue potatoes
local hydroponic lettuce
local, organic winter squash
local hydroponic tomatoes
organic Medjool dates

local, organic unsalted butter
whole wheat English muffins
organic tofu
local, organic, free-range eggs


Here's a question: what do you know about hydroponic produce? What do you think about buying hydroponic produce? I've bought local "Living Waters" tomatoes before, and this week is my first time buying local lettuce (in the middle of the winter.) I also could have purchased a local bell pepper, but they were VERY expensive, compared to organic peppers from farther away.

Thoughts? Opinions? I don't know much about hydroponic produce (other than a rudimentary understanding of how it's grown,) so I'd love any input!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about hydroponics, but I really dig your produce bags. I assume you bring those yourself?

Catherine Weber said...

Jessica, I do haul all of my own produce bags along. I bought them from I can't begin to imagine how many plastic bags I've saved since I bought them!

Sharon said...

Whoa, totally jealous of your AWESOME HAUL! Lovely!

And I have never seen hydroponic produce before!

Anonymous said...

Yum--looks like you will be eating well this week :o) Everything looks and sounds so good right now...I am hungry! Especially those medjool dates!