Thursday, February 12, 2009

mid-week date night!

I realize I haven't been blogging much lately -- grocery recap on Thursdays, cooking recap on Sundays, and that's been about it. Yikes! Am I that boring?

Not really . . . I've just been stressed out (work, mostly,) and have been enjoying a lot of herbal tea and reading a lot to decompress. Nothing terribly exciting on the food front to report!

BUT . . . Dan and I did manage a mid-week date night last night! It was a lot of fun, and just the break I needed from my usual routine of work, eating leftovers for dinner, and on Wednesdays, rushing off to choir practice. I hopped on the bus after work and met Dan at Galactic Pizza, which in my opinion, has some of the BEST pizza in the Twin Cities. We had Caesar salad, the "Hipster," and then split a brownie, too. After we ate, hung out, and talked for a little while, Dan dropped me off at choir practice on his way to band practice. A nice, simple, mid-week respite from boring routine!!

P.S. A funny thing from dinner -- Dan ordered a "really large water" when we first sat down. Our waiter brought Dan a pitcher with a straw. It was really silly. :)


Anonymous said...

A pizza date sounds like a perfect antidote to the mid-week slump. Glad you had fun! Ha, that pitcher story is funny.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for taking time for yourself ad relaxing a bit instead of blogging! Tea and reading sounds great :o)

I have been curious about Galactic Pizza since they have vegan is nice to know that it is good!


Cody said...

That pizza place looks awesome. Of course, I'm always impressed with seeing vegan options...

The water thing is cute. Gotta love a waiter with a sense of humor.

Glad you had fun!