Thursday, February 05, 2009

new month, new grocery budget!

I'm so excited that it's a new month and I get to start working off a new grocery budget! I had many, many staples to restock on, as well as a few bulkier items to pick up, so I am ever so grateful Courtney was able to meet me at the store and drive me (and all my sh*t) home! THANK YOU, COURTNEY!!!!

Anyhow, here's the loot:


organic red lentils
organic chickpeas
local, organic kidney beans
organic long-grain brown rice
local, organic coffee
organic, fair-trade chocolate chips
organic sugar

local sharp cheddar

DELI: (I didn't have any leftovers for dinner tonight -- needed something quick, with leftovers for lunch tomorrow!)
tempeh tarragon salad
wild and crazy rice salad
Greek orzo salad

Boca ground crumbles

local, organic chili powder
local file powder

kosher salt
organic fire-roasted crushed tomatoes
organic diced tomatoes
Republic of Tea "Botswana Blossom"
Republic of Tea "Get Relaxed"
organic, whole-wheat spaghettini
organic, whole-wheat elbows
organic, whole-wheat rigatoni
Seventh Generation TP
Seventh Generation kleenex
Seventh Generation paper towel

three "Preserve" toothbrushes

organic broccoli
organic bananas
organic avocado
organic grapefruit
organic Minneolas
organic green cabbage
organic eggplant
organic garlic
organic dino kale
organic Italian parsley
organic red onion
organic yellow onions
organic green bell pepper
organic red bell pepper
local, organic yellow potatoes
local hydroponic romaine
two dried chipotle peppers
organic sweet potatoes
organic beet

organic plain soy yogurt
Earth Balance buttery sticks
organic 3-grain tempeh
local, organic, low-fat sour cream
local, organic jumbo eggs


As always, I have big plans for the lot -- and a few new recipes to try out! Love the weekends for so many reasons . . . especially because I have so much time to COOK!


Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, I love your grocery haul!!!!!
I want to try soy yogurt! =D

Anonymous said...

Huge haul! HA, I love the start of a new grocery month budget! The last week is always boring and hard for me, so I'm ready to get a bunch of new stuff!

Carrie™ said...

I've been creeping blogs but not really commenting. I just didn't seem to have the time! Now I'm hoping i do. What a terrific grocery shop. I can't get those fire-roasted tomatoes in Canada anymore. Boo!Hiss! I go to Buffalo to stock up.

Hungry Hungry Dancer said...

i seriously LOVE going to the grocery store... i love it even more when i open my fridge/pantry to find it full of my favorite foods

MeloMeals said...

Can't wait to see what you do with all this great food!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Catherine! have you gone to the new Seward yet?