Friday, July 10, 2009

the amazing bicycle

I have had a very busy morning and early afternoon -- I've completed all of my errands for the week on my bike, and have quite a load to show for my efforts. (Keep in mind that I don't have a rack or panniers on my bike -- these loads were done solely with my backpack and one large tote bag!)

Round 1:


First stop was Great Harvest Bread Company -- we had saved up 12 labels from loaves of bread purchased in the past, and were due a free loaf, only redeemable at the bakery. My directions to the bakery blew away in the wind, but I only got a little bit lost without them! What a haul, down to the southwestern depths of Minneapolis, just for free bread!

Second stop was at the vet -- Oliver's on prescription food, and he was running low.

Third stop was at Shuang Hur Supermarket, where I picked up a medium-sized jar of kimchee for Dan, and some roasted pumpkin seeds.

Fourth stop was at the Wedge co-op, where I picked up the following:

organic navy beans
local, organic, raw sunflower seeds
locally-roasted, organic, fair-trade Peace coffee

local pepper jack

local, organic orange juice
organic blackberry ice cream

Garden of Eatin' "Sesame Blues" chips
organic no-stir peanut butter

organic celery
organic avocado
organic cherries
organic yellow peaches
local, organic green beans
local, organic white button mushrooms
organic red onion
organic yellow onion
red bell pepper
organic sweet potatoes
local heirloom tomato
organic apricots
organic carrots
organic blackberries

organic superfirm tofu


After a stop at home to unload the first round of stuff and eat some lunch, I headed downtown to complete my second batch of errands:


First stop was at the bank to exchange Dan's change jar for laundry quarters.

Second stop was at the library to pick up a book Dan had on hold.

Third stop was Target, where I picked up a few essentials, and was suckered into buying cat toys that were on sale. :)

I really hate using Drano, but the baking soda-vinegar-boiling water trick just did NOT work on the bathroom sink this time around. Anyone have any brilliant suggestions?


Last but not least, I put 16 miles on my bike today. Yowza! Off to clean the bathroom and work on the laundry. (Blah.)

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Regina said...

I tried the baking soda and vinegar thing on our very slow-draining tub as well, with poor results. Then one day, I plunged it and it's been running smoothly ever since. I've also seen Bio-Kleen and Earth Friendly versions of drain cleaner...