Saturday, July 18, 2009

that pesky Farmer's Market

It seems each week I go to the farmer's market, I end up "creating" a load of work for myself when I get home; this week was no exception, but heck, I'm not complaining! (Except maybe about all of the dishes . . . !!)

Clockwise from bottom left: local parmesan cheese, local raspberries, local salsa, non-local apricots (but what a bargain!), local teensie eggplants, local tomatoes, local oregano, and local summer squash.

First order of business -- do something about those apricots . . .
The lady who helped me at the farmer's market said to me, "making jam?" Indeed, I did! Apricot and strawberry jams are tied for first place in my book, and the homemade stuff I cranked out this afternoon is better than anything else I've tried to date -- sweet, tart, and purely apricotty. My freezer is getting more and more crowded by the minute!

The oregano went into . . .
"Artichoke-Walnut Spread," from Tassajara Cookbook: Lunches, Picnics, & Appetizers. I discovered this book at work last week, and was convinced I needed to make EVERY SINGLE RECIPE in the book, so I had to buy it. :) This book is going to breathe new life into our daily packed lunches! Dan tried out some of the spread this afternoon on a Dr. Kracker flatbread, with some veggie soup and pickles making a late lunch. Dan's review? "Mmm -- very flavorful."

I'm excited to try some of the spread tomorrow on the foccacia I made today . . .
. . . and I also broiled up the eggplant, summer squash, and some zucchini from last week for delightful sandwiches. MMMMMMMMMM.

And we had to eat dinner, too:
Disappointing veggie burgers from Real Simple, (they completely fell apart -- Dan's reassuring comment was, "well, now we'll just have sloppy joes!") more pickles, sweet potato fries, and oven-roasted sweet corn.

It seems as though all of the local, fresh produce I'm getting lately has been inspiring more and more projects. Does this happen to you? What have you been busy creating in your kitchen?


Crystal said...

I think we have the same Dr. Kracker crackers...pumpkin seed ones I think?

Yes, definitely all the produce is creating more work for me. I totally didn't plan on buying Swiss Chard or kale (nor is it on this week's meal list), so somehow I need to incorporate them into my meals. Ha.

J said...

Your meals always look so simple and tasty! Mmmmm. Sorry to hear your veggie burgers fell apart. One thing I learned is that if you bake them, and then let them rest afterward, it really does make a difference in their ability to stay together and even improves their texture.

I know what you mean about market making more work for you, but it is worth it in the end I think, especially in winter when you can bust out those tasty local goodies you made during summer.

jd said...

That jam looks incredible! I've never tried making my own before, but those pics definitely make me want to...

Also, I'm completely drooling over that focaccia! And those sweet potato fries, oh my!

Sorry to hear about the "Real Simple" burger recipe. What a bummer, but at least you had Dan to help you improvise :)