Thursday, July 30, 2009

dinner woes

It's been an unusually busy week for us -- the fact that last night was the first time Dan and I had sat down to a meal together since Saturday lunch might be an indication! It was a spectacular meal, too:


I threw "West African Peanut Stew" in the Crock Pot on Tuesday morning, expecting we would enjoy it for dinner together when we both got home from work that evening; Dan was able to enjoy it, but I picked up a shift, so I didn't get to test this one out until last night's dinner. We had enjoyed this stew at Dan's parents' house over 4th of July weekend, and this second batch was just as good as Dan's mom's! Yum! Thanks for the recipe, Sandy!

All of the week's busy-ness will ultimately be worth it -- we're headed out of town tonight for a little birthday camping for Dan! I had one late night last night, getting everything ready, including baking a special birthday treat for Dan. (It's hard to find something that travels well when his favorite desserts are lemon merengue and key lime pies!)

Until next week! Enjoy the weekend, and cross your fingers for good weather for us!


Emily said...

that stew sounds/looks delish!

Sophia said...

Crockpot meals are so tasty and economical, that stew looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize it was Dan's birthday! Happy Birthday Dan :-)
Now I really want to know what you ended up making for his bday treat!

Have a fun and safe camping trip!


Anna said...

Hi Catherine. A website I thought you might be interested in: