Wednesday, July 22, 2009

not much to report

We've been eating, but honestly, I'm not entirely sure what! Pasta, sandwiches, pickles, vegan lemon bars . . . and we did go out for dinner last night. (Gasp! I know. But we had concert tickets, and decided to make a night of it.)

I did manage to throw something together for dinner tonight that required more than boiling water or taking bread out of the fridge:


Pancakes and sausages! Dan's been begging me for these vegan breakfast links forever, it seems; I finally whipped them up tonight, substituting a couple ingredients for others I was out of. I also made lemon-blueberry pancakes, and strawberry-OJ smoothies to round out the meal.

We'll have to double-up on veggies tomorrow. :)


I almost forgot -- I have the greatest story from dinner last night! I ordered a quesadilla, and purposely only ate half of it so I would have some leftover for lunch today. Our server asked me if I wanted a box, and I replied, "just a piece of foil, if you have one." He brought me one, and then asked me why the foil and not a box, since four people this week have already made the same request of him. I mentioned that I tried to avoid styrofoam whenever I could, and also that this way, my leftovers were already ready to stick in my lunchbox!

He thought about what I said, then replied, "maybe everybody should be that way -- better for the Earth." He then segued into, "someday, do you think the cars will fly?"

Heck, as long as they aren't powered by ethanol, I'm all for it!


Regina said...

Funny story! By the way, I wanted to tell you that I think I saw you at Kitchen Window on Sunday. I was there with my friend Jenn. I wanted to say hi, but I wasn't entirely sure it was you, and you(?) looked super busy with something. But I did get to look at the Soyabella ;)

Emily said...

Good call on the foil! I will need to do that from now on!

Catherine Weber said...

Regina, I'm sure it was me -- I work practically every Sunday! Did anyone help you with the soyabella? I totally would have whenever I was done with what I was busy with!

Cody said...

We just had pancakes and vegan sausage for breakfast today. So yummy.

I've never thought about the aluminum foil thing before... I'll have to remember that.

Babybear Scraps said...

I've considered bringing my own containers for leftovers but never remember. I never thought to just ask for foil though. GREAT idea.

The car thing is too funny.

Regina said...

We didn't really talk to anyone but the Soyabella looked so pretty. I can't wait to get one. I'll look for you the next time I'm at Kitchen Window!

Crystal said...

Rock on with the foil!! I'm glad he seemed to understand. We've asked for foil before and they kept pushing paper plates on us.

I once brought my own container and boy did I get weird looks (which I responded with a smile).

What concert? I'm curious.

Catherine Weber said...

Crystal, we had tickets to Sonic Youth at First Ave -- Dan's birthday present, a week and a half early! :)