Friday, February 26, 2010

week-old backlog

I fell way behind in the posting this past week! Sheesh -- some of these photos are from last weekend. Oh well, better late than never, right?

For example, I'm pretty sure this is what we had for lunch last Saturday:

Oh artichokes, how I LOVE thee! At the first hint of spring, (i.e., slightly warmer MN weather when you still have to wear the parka, but long johns are optional,) giant artichokes usually appear at the co-op for somewhat reasonable prices. Somehow, I mind less splurging on a vegetable than on junk food! We panfried up the rest of the leftover homemade spicy Italian vegetarian sausage links, and oven-roased some potatoes, too. SO good. Hearty and healthy and comforting!

I really love it when blogger rotates photos for me:

Sideways slightly lower fat snickerdoodles are tasty! I didn't intend on making these lower in fat, but when I discovered I forgot to bring TWO sticks of butter (instead of one) to room temperature, I improvised with 1/2 cup applesauce. The cookies turned out soft and cakey, not what I'd prefer necessarily, but still delicious!

Dinner Sunday Night:

Carribbean Red Beans and Brown Rice from The New Mayo Clinic Cookbook, with greens and panfried plantains on the side. Good and spicy! Wahoo!

Dinner Monday Night:

I think we make too much pizza. Why? Because almost every day, the kids at work ask me, "do you have pizza for lunch today?" :) Anyhow, here's another one. Artisan Bread crust, Muir Glen organic pizza sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, spinach, onion, mushroom, green pepper, and Yves "Meatless Pepperoni." Meatless pepperoni? Prepared pizza sauce? Well, the kids at work wanted to make a pizza, and SOMEONE had to do something with the leftover ingredients!

"Deli-Style Rye," as part of our bake-a-long:

I didn't follow the recipe exactly, since I completely forgot I was supposed to brush the loaf with a cornstarch wash and cover it with seeds, but, oh well. Floured crust looks pretty, too! I also had a chance to use the charnushka seeds that Dan's brother bought me for Christmas, in place of the more typical caraway. Thanks, Ryan!

We'll cut into the rye tonight with our dinner . . . to be continued!

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Crystal said...

The bread looks huge! When I made challah recently, it rose a ton.

Can't wait to get started on my rye.