Saturday, March 27, 2010

look what I found!

This is the nerdiest, foodiest, goofiest thing to get excited about, but here it is:

Organic tomato paste! In a jar! With a lid you can open and close!

I totally exclaimed out loud in the aisle at the co-op last night. :) Good thing it was late and the store was practically empty, right? Why am I so excited about this product? Well, I love the tomato paste in the tube, but when I need a larger quantity for a recipe, (i.e., 1/4 cup or more,) the tube seems like a waste of packaging -- I don't think there's more than 1/3 cup in the tube, anyway. So, I buy the can of tomato paste, cover the leftovers with plastic wrap and a rubberband, and promptly forget about it in the back of my fridge. Then the tomato paste gets fuzzy . . . drat! I think the jar will maybe solve this problem, plus it makes me extra happy since my co-op has a really hard time keeping the tomato paste in the tube in stock.

Ok, nerd time is officially ending for today. :)

Oh my goodness! I'm just now realizing that I intended on buying a pound of coffee, and left it sitting underneath the grinder at the co-op! Good lord. I think shopping at 9:00 on a Friday night is maybe not the best idea?

Here's the rest of what we bought:

local, organic, coarse cornmeal

local pepper jack

lemon sorbet
mango sorbet
organic orange juice concentrate

local, organic basil

organic firm silken tofu
organic pumpkin puree
organic diced tomatoes
organic, fire-roasted, diced tomatoes

organic broccoli
organic carrot
organic bananas
organic cara cara oranges
organic eggplant
organic dino kale
organic cilantro
organic parsley
local, organic white button mushrooms
organic red onion
organic leeks
organic red bell pepper
organic zucchini
organic sweet potatoes
organic turnips (except they were rung up as radishes! good gracious.)
local, hydroponic cherry tomatoes
organic apples
organic raspberries
organic "Scarborough" herb mix (parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme)

local salted butter
organic whole-wheat tortillas
local, organic vanilla yogurt


What sorts of silly grocery shopping mistakes have you made? I still can't believe I left the coffee sitting underneath the grinder!


Vic Robinson said...

I found this a month or two ago and was equally geek-ed up! :)

Anonymous said...

I always checkout and pay before I remember I had coupons...and then it is too late! Ugh. I hate that!


radioactivegan said...

I've been looking for jar tomato paste for years, to no avail so far. I definitely understand your enthusiasm :)