Thursday, April 22, 2010

outdoing myself

According to Dan, I outdid myself with tonight's dinner:

"Curried Tofu," from VCON, garlic-roasted asparagus, roasted potatoes, and some (honestly, pretty overcooked) quinoa. Yummers all around! (The overcooked quinoa wasn't a huge problem -- it kind of reminded me of couscous, actually, which was what I originally wanted to make, but we were all out!)


The weekend's so close, I can almost TASTE it! ARGH! I can't wait to go to the Farmer's Market this weekend! I hear there are veggies already -- SO early for Minnesota! Wee!


Vic Robinson said...

Looks great! I love asparagus season! It seems to appear on all of my plates for the last couple of weeks.

Emily said...

That tofu does look amazing!!! Wait, which farmers market starts this weekend? I had thought it started and then someone told me next month!