Friday, April 30, 2010


I have a triple dose of "kids say the darndest" for you today! It's been a silly week. :)

1. We have a new little girl in our class who is very shy, and a very picky, very slow eater. I noticed at lunch the other day that she was practically shoveling her food in -- totally chowing down! I asked her if she liked this lunch and she replied, "yeah, this food makes my tummy feel GOOOOOOOOOD!"

2. Late in the afternoon yesterday, I asked one of the girls who was picking her up. She replied, "my mom. I don't want my grandma to pick me up -- she farts too much."

3. At lunch yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, one of the boys announced, "when my mom walks around the house with no clothes on, my dad slaps her butt!"

Oh lord.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Unknown said...

Haha thank you for posting these, they totally made me smile! I especially love the fart one - kids are do honest! It reminds of the time I was cutting a little girl's hair, and she asked me "Judy, why do you wear such FUNNY clothes??" Her mother and I just started laughing - how do I even begin to answer that??