Saturday, April 17, 2010

catchin' up

First, here's the laundry list of tasty eats we had this past week . . .

The black bean burgers from VCON, with sides of roasted sweet potatoes, coleslaw, and the obvious pickle:

Not complete without the pickle, right? :)

Simple pasta and salad:

Whole-wheat penne dressed in my homemade marinara was a huge hit with Dan, as always. I tend to think of pasta w/red sauce as kind of "boring," but it's one of Dan's favorite meals! Who knew?

Red Curry over brown rice:

MMMMMMMMMM . . . spicy delicious! Tofu and tons of veggies made our usual coconut curry extra-special. Yum!

A wheatberry, black bean, and edamame salad we're taking to a potluck tonight:

I only sampled a bite of this earlier, but I was impressed by how a few quality ingredients combined to make something so tasty! Score.


I took advantage of the gorgeous weather today and walked to the co-op for our weekly shop:

local, organic cashews
local maple syrup
local, organic rolled oats
local, organic wheatberries

local pepper jack
local mozzarella

local, organic, shelled edamame

kava kava

organic yellow corn tortilla chips
kalamata olives
vital wheat gluten
Virgil's root beer (to take to the potluck!)
Annie's Goddess dressing (on sale!)
organic salsa (on sale!)
organic crushed tomatoes

organic bananas
organic mangoes
organic limes
organic asparagus
organic eggplant
organic spring mix
organic cilantro
organic white button mushrooms
organic red onions
organic green onions
local hydroponic lettuce
local hydroponic tomatoes

grapefruit juice
extra-firm tofu
local, organic, vanilla yogurt
local whole-wheat pita (made w/organic flour)
local, organic eggs


I'm excited to try a couple of the recipes in the most recent issue of Eating Well for meal-sized salads . . . I'm also planning pizza and curried tofu with awesome side dishes this week.

How has your weekly fare changed with the change in seasons?


Vic Robinson said...

I love pickles! :) The red curry looks great too!

Anonymous said...

Do you like the black bean burgers from VCON? Is it a good recipe?

PS and no--no burger is complete without a pickle!