Friday, April 02, 2010


Even though I have always loved the idea of a savory vegetable pie, I've never quite been able to get behind quiches and frittatas . . . I really DON'T like eggs. (You will see eggs on here from time to time, because Dan loves them and there are a few ways I can tolerate them, but I really find scrambled eggs vile.)

HOWEVER, I knew, deep down, that tofu quiche was a good, good thing! I finally got around to making a tofu quiche this week:

Yummy! Delicious! Egg free! I made the "Provencal Vegetable Quiche" from Vegan Planet for dinner last night, and even though it took an eternity to bake, (almost twice as long as the recipe suggests,) both Dan and I were thrilled with the results. Since I used a store-bought whole-wheat piecrust, and prepared the veggies and tofu custard over the weekend, this dinner came together in a snap, too.

I made/would suggest the following modifications:

1. Add 1 tbsp cornstarch to the custard. (I can't believe it didn't call for some type of thickener!)

2. The recipe suggests spooning the veggies into the unbaked crust, then pouring the custard over the top. I found the custard to be quite thick, and it didn't really settle into the veggies. Next time, I'll fold the veggies into the custard before pouring the lot into the crust.

3. With all of my ingredients cold or frozen, the quiche took about 90 minutes to bake, as opposed to the suggested bake time of 45 minutes in the recipe. If you make your quiche ahead like I did, plan for a much longer bake time.

Since we both liked this SO much, I think I'm going to give it a try again next week with different veggies!

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Anonymous said...

I love tofu quiche! I have never tried one with a "tofu custard" base before, though...I may have to find a recipe after your review, though.