Tuesday, May 18, 2010

finders, keepers.

You are NEVER going to BELIEVE what I found today:

Yesssss . . . that's about a half-pound of what I am fairly certain are true morels. I spent some time looking online, and it seems as though there are two clear differences between true morels and false morels -- true morels are completely hollow (while false morels are solid/dense throughout the cap and stem,) and the caps of true morels are attached to the stem (while the caps of false morels hang over the stem.)

Oh yeah . . . where did I find them? AT WORK. ON THE PLAYGROUND. Near the fence, poppping up from a pile of dead leaves, under a dying (what we believe is an ash) tree.

Who knew you could find morels in the middle of the city? :)



Crystal said...

No way! Ryan and I have been searching and can't find ANY! We are slightly frustrated.

Emily said...

SO jealous!!! My BF wanted to get some at the Farmer's Market but they are $50/lb! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

So jealous!! I am gonna have to start looking down a lot more often when I am walking... :-)