Sunday, May 09, 2010


A few treats to share . . . !

Dan's parents brought us a couple of treats from their extended stay in South Carolina this spring:

Hel-LO sweet potato butter! I tried really hard to convince myself to wait on opening this jar, since we have 3 or so jars of homemade jam/apple butter littering up our fridge right now. I made it about a day and a half, before I finally cracked the seal:

Oh my. SO good. (The other piece of toast has homemade raspberry jam -- we haven't opened the mango pepper jelly yet.) I want to eat about 15 pieces of toast with sweet potato butter right now, but I'm full from dinner. Thanks for the treat, Pat and Sandy!

Speaking of dinner . . .

OH YES. Courtney and I went to Costco this afternoon, and I procured a package of four GIANT artichokes! MMMMMM. Also included in the meal were sauteed morels and asparagus, over local lemon-pepper fettucine. (There were some shallots, thyme, and parsley in there as well!) This was one treat of a dinner.

And dessert?

Organic strawberries from California, conventional blackberries from Mexico, but well, sometimes it's hard to resist beautiful berries! (And I couldn't BELIEVE the price on the blackberries at Costco!) I piled my berries over a scoop of vanilla ice cream; Dan ate his straight up. Deeeeeeeeelicious!


Vic Robinson said...

Yum! Berries! The artichoke dish looks wonderful as well.

Emily said...

Sweet potato butter? YUM!

Emily said...

Sweet potato butter? YUM!

Anonymous said...

Sweet potato butter?! Yum! Your apple butter will keep--I think you showed tremendous restraint waiting a day and a half! I wouldn't have lasted that long :-)

I had some of my blackberries at lunch today...mine are super sweet and SO good! I hope you and Dan are enjoying yours!


Ali said...

I just discovered your blog today and have wasted a big chunk of my day reading your old posts. It's my new obsession. Your food is tantalizing and I aspire to make some similar meals very soon. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

sweet potato butter!? for real!?
wow that is an amazing discovery!

Shaheen said...

Swwet potato butter - wow-wee! and Mango Pepper Jelly. I wonder if I can find some in the U.K - Thank you so much for sharing, my lips are puckering!!!

kimberly said...

i've never tried sweet potato butter, but i LOVE pumpkin butter so i should probably try this.