Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Incredible Hulk Soup

There really should be more emerald green soup out there, shouldn't there?

"Cream of Spinach Soup," from Moosewood Cookbook. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly this soup came together, (I washed and stemmed the spinach last weekend, which helped a ton,) and it had a nice, comforting, healthy green flavor, but not overpoweringly so. I did add a tiny splash of white wine vinegar to brighten it up, but I think I'd add the juice of one lemon next time, instead. The vinegar didn't have enough acidity or flavor for me!

Dan commented while eating dinner last night, "I feel myself getting healthier with every bite." He also noted that this probably wouldn't be a soup you'd easily feed to kids; my reply, "well, unless you called it 'Incredible Hulk Soup!'"

Would it work?

***UPDATE: Ok, so I took a bowl of this soup to work with my lunch today, and almost all of the kids wanted to try it. More importantly . . . all but TWO of them loved it! Most of them said the soup tasted like "green potatoes," whatever those are! :)


Emily said...

That makes me so happy that the kids liked it and more importantly that they tried it!! (I work at a weight-management camp for kids in the summer and a huge part of camp is introducing them to new foods!)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I just made Sorrel, Spinach and White Bean soup tonight (from the Harmony Valley CSA website) and I bet you'd like sorrel in your soup to give it the lemony/acidic taste you're looking for... It was delicious!

~Melissa (from KW)

Stephanie said...

green potatoes are poisonous.... :-P