Saturday, July 17, 2010

breakfast and dinner

Since I had to head into work today for a special event, I wanted to do something this morning that would make it feel more "weekend-ish." Enter, pancakes!

I made whole-wheat & protein buttermilk pancakes, (subbing 1/2 chickpea flour for the AP or whole-wheat flour called for in the original recipe,) and topped them with a thrown-together "buttermilk syrup." I've seen this blogged about lately, and was excited to give it a try! I didn't really follow a recipe, (or use all of the ingredients most recipes called for,) but this still turned out fabulously. Dan wasn't sure about the "syrup" at first, but at his third pancake, said, "this is f*cking amazing stuff." I can't imagine how much more amazing the "real" recipes might be! Anyone have a suggestion for a recipe I might try?

Lunch was leftovers on the run, so we were about due for a healthy and fabulous dinner.

Tofu Stir-Fry! This was totally awesome, filled with tons of mostly local veggies and lightly coated in my homemade sauce. This pile of veggies contained local red onion, local carrots, local flying-saucer squash, local sugar-snap peas, red bell pepper, local cremini mushrooms, and local green onions!

Have you ever had "flying-saucer" squash? I had them first in Haiti when Dan and I were there in 2008, and I really enjoy them. They stay pretty firm when cooked, but still have that delicate, zucchini flavor. Yum!

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