Wednesday, July 07, 2010

St. Croix State Park

I must confess . . . our camping trip was less than awesome this past weekend. Don't get me wrong -- it's always good to get away and spend time together, no matter what we're up to, but this was just not our awesomest camping experience to date. Why? Well . . . the weather was downright AWFUL, (hot/sticky/humid and/or raining the entire time, which made it hard to spend time outside the tent, and hard to sleep,) the bugs were maddening, (voracious mosquitoes and ferocious black flies -- UGH!), and truthfully, St. Croix was a "just okay" state park. They had a lovely canoe service which we took advantage of, (and had a great time on the river!), but the park is gigantic, poorly laid out, the trails were BARELY maintained, (like, 12 inches of grass that needed to be mowed,) and I didn't see a single bathroom (flush, vault, or pit latrine,) outside of the campground and common areas, except for ONE pit latrine at a canoe-in campsite that we stumbled on during a hike. Not the most user-friendly park, in our opinion.

Tax/spending cuts suck! I've heard great things about this park from others, which makes me think it's a victm of the poor economy.

Here are a few pictures proving that we did have a little bit of fun!

How was your holiday weekend? Hope you had a little fun, too!

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Anonymous said...

It certainly LOOKS lovely, but I am sorry it wasn't the best. I thought of you over the hot humid and gross muggy weekend, was probably a little better to be out in the woods than stuck in a sticky hot non-AC apt, but not much. At least the canoe portion was good!