Tuesday, April 03, 2012

cleaning out my cupboards

I have been on a mission recently -- a mission to clean out my freezer and cupboards. I'm not entirely certain as to why I'm on a roll in this department -- maybe I want to get stuff cleared out before the intense heat of summer, when things go bad faster and I don't cook much? I bet that's it. Anyhow, I emptied out my jar of wild rice earlier this week, and made headway towards clearing out my stash of green split peas tonight:

Smoky Split Pea Soup is, in my opinion, the ONLY thing to do with split peas. So, so delicious. But maybe I'm wrong? Any other stellar split pea recipes out there?


Eileen said...

I usually do an ordinary split pea soup too, but what about trying a dal? Or maybe cooking the split peas and adding them to chickpeas for a hummus variation?

Ali said...

OK, that's it. I am going to make this tomorrow. It looks delicious and I just happen to have some chipotles in adobo on hand!

Vic Robinson said...

Go Go freezer clean! :) Are we facebook friends now? Aww!