Monday, May 16, 2005

stream of consciousness

I haven't received a single comment on my blog here in a very long time! I so sad.

Someone upstairs must be assembling furniture or something -- there is a lot of pounding going on. It's sort of funny! Oliver keeps looking up at the ceiling and meowing because of the unusual noises.

I tested out my CamelBak today -- I LOVE IT! First time in a while I haven't had a headache at lunch from dehydration. I'm considering purchasing a second one to be my purse. I will test it out over June break to see if I will actually use it, though!

I also tested out my new rain boots and my new shoes today as well -- love them both, although the rain boots got a little pinchy after about an hour hiking. (The rubber just needs to be stretched out a bit, methinks.)

My apartment still smells like curry, 24 hours later!

We interviewed a very promising candidate for a lead teacher (for the fall) after school today!

Oliver keeps trying to sit ON the keyboard.

I had McDonalds for supper and I feel a little icky. Hm. I may head out for a quick walk now!

It's only a 3-day work week for me this week (I have Thursday and Friday off to work on year-end reports) and I'm looking forward to it!

It's really difficult finding a way to draw stream of consciousness to a close, since it doesn't really close ever. Well, except when you're sleeping. But then you are still dreaming, so . . . .


Anonymous said...

hi cath!

i am glad to hear that you are rather enjoying your new purchaces! i really want a pair of galoshes.

- rie

Catherine Weber said...

there are these new kinds of rain footwear you can buy at outdoor gear stores called Crocs -- I don't know anything about them, but they'd be worth checking out! (My only beef with rain boots is that they aren't terribly supportive. But it is nice to be able to stand in the creek and still have dry feet later!)