Saturday, January 28, 2006

happy, happy, happy . . .

I'm going grocery shopping today. Yes, I'm freakishly strange like that -- I get really excited about going grocery shopping. Why, you ask? Well, after all of my research last weekend, I'm going to cook like a maniac the next couple of weeks. And I need raw materials. :) Here's what's on schedule:

Potato Latkes (from Veg Coooking) (actually, I'm going to attempt to recreate an entire meal I had at Cafe Brenda a few weeks ago -- latkes were a major part of that meal)
Miso Soup (from . . . somewhere . . . I didn't write it down! oops.)
Ginger Peanut Soba Noodles (from PPK)
French Lentil Soup (from PPK)
Macaroni Hates Cheese (from PPK)
Scrambled Tofu (from PPK) and pancakes (from my own resources)

I'll post recipes with editorials as I complete them, as they are all from other sources and therefore cannot go in the cookbook.

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