Sunday, January 08, 2006

many informal reviews

Ann and I had lunch at the Holy Land Deli on Central Avenue in Northeast today. I hadn't been there in ages, and I had forgotton how fantastic it is. I had their spanakopita dinner, which is two huge pieces of spinach pie, with a side of yellow rice, a huge side salad covered in creamy cucumber dressing, pickled vegetables, and 2 huge pita. (Ann and I also split a piece of baklava for dessert.) Ann had the same thing, but swapping hummus for the yellow rice. Needless to say, I brought half the rice and half the spanakopita home, (and all of the pita bread,) which I will be enjoying for lunch tomorrow. :) All of our food was fantastic, and my whole order, which also included a soda, was just over ten bucks. Not bad, if you ask me!

I guess since I'm not posting recipes for a while, I'll try to post these informal restaurant reviews, as I try new places.

Oh, and Ann, Tony, Christine, and I went out to the Varsity on Friday night and saw both Epic Hero and White Light Riot. Both of those bands just plain rock. Go see them as soon as you can! (This World Fair was the headliner, but we left in the middle of their set because we got tired. This has now happened to me twice when trying to see This World Fair. They are great, but . . . Friday nights are tough times to stay out late.) The Varsity has just got to be one of my favorite places of all time. So neat.

ALSO, I rode the light rail for the first time this weekend, and saw "The Chronicles of Narnia." My review of the light rail is this: cheap, easy, efficient, clean. The movie was also fabulous!

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Anonymous said...

I *love* lightrail. :D I wish they would hurry up and put it all over (I heard the big-picture plan is for it to go all the way to St. Cloud, right by me!!) so I could take it everywhere.

I'll have to try the Holy Land Deli sometime--it's right by where 2 of Jon's brothers live. Sounds fabulous!

My restaurant review of the week: Miss Kitty's (aka Chinatown) in Deadwood, SD. I have never, EVER in my entire life eaten chinese food that is as good as this. I always order the shrimp in lobster sauce (aka S-4), and every time it is SOOOO good. Jon and I went with my sis and her bf for lunch while we were in SD last week, and they all got the lunch special (orange chicken). I ordered the S-4, which is a dinner. I ate it ALLLLLL. I can't help myself. I wish they were a chain. :)

PS - I did not eat any other food for the rest of the day. There was no more room, LOL!