Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Me = Moron

So, here's a long, drawn-out, funny (I think) story:

I have one of those seven-day pill boxes, because I just cannot remember to take my vitamins. I have very little routine, and have trouble remembering to take them at the same time, so if I at least make sure I take them sometime during the day, I figure I'm set.

I go to take my vitamins tonight, and open the "W" spot. I panicked. I thought today was Tuesday. (It is, after all, my second work day this week.) I had to think really hard about my day -- yes indeed, we did have the MWF group in this afternoon.

Thank god I only put in one load of laundry when I got home, because otherwise it wouldn't have been done before I had to leave for CHOIR REHEARSAL.

If I hadn't remembered my vitamins, I probably would have forgotten to go to choir. Sheesh.

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