Sunday, January 18, 2009

a mini-meal, and other good food

Standard Sunday brunch around here, (poached eggs, greens, hashbrowns,) with a minneola on the side. Coffee and vitamin, too.

I also had a couple of cookies at a lecture Dan and I went to this afternoon.

Leftover egg noodles from last night, with shredded parmesan, and a banana on the side. Very beige, but very good. I had the last Medjool date, too.

"Instant Tamale Pie" from Moosewood Restaurant New Classics, with a side salad of romaine, sliced tomato, and sliced avocado. I made up a pretty delicious creamy chipotle-lime salad dressing, too!

Rice pudding. It was delicious, but my camera refused to cooperate -- all of the pictures I took were horribly blurry. Regardless, the pudding was made with short-grain brown rice, almond milk, a bunch of spices, coconut, sugar, and raisins.

Half a dozen dried apricots.

25 minutes of yoga, and a 20-minute walk with Dan.

Until tomorrow.


Sharon said...

I've never tried rice pudding before. But have a coupon for a free one from kraft. Any good? -lol-

What does rice pudding taste like? Haha, I'm such a food noob.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...


healthy ashley said...

Something about your meals of the day.. I just love them! Maybe because they all have a comfort food in them? Mmm.. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the poached egg... Do you use a little white vinager?

Catherine Weber said...

Sharon, I made my own rice pudding, so I don't know how the storebought stuff would be, but I like the homemade stuff! Creamy, lightly spiced, with chewy pieces of rice, coconut, and raisins.

Liz and Ashley, thanks!

Stephen, yep, I do use white vinegar. Left them in the water too long, though -- the best part about poached eggs is runny yolk, and we missed out this time. :(

DT ~ RDH said...

Any way to get your recipe for the greens and for the hashbrowns, simple as they may be? Looks SO delicious, and I'm definitely a savory bfast fan!

Liz said...

I love your beige mini-meal! Sometimes the food that looks boring in color can be exactly what you need. I love the bland-looking foods for comfort.