Friday, April 23, 2010

kids say the darndest . . .

I ran to Mississippi Market this afternoon to pick up a few things for home, and noticed that whole-fruit popsicles were on sale . . . time to spoil the children!

The kids were THRILLED to have popsicles for snack . . . all but one. I purchased a box of strawberry and a box of mango popsicles, and let each one choose a flavor. One of my girls chose strawberry, which I was surprised by -- she has turned down fresh strawberries repeatedly. I warned her that the strawberry popsicle was going to taste like real strawberries . . . she still chose it. And you guessed it, that pop ended up in the trash. (GRRRR!)

Later in the afternoon, this little one was complaining to me that she was hungry.

I said, "well, that's because you didn't eat your snack."

She said, "I didn't like it."

I said, "you know, I've never met a kid that didn't like popsicles."

She said, "But I like popsicles."

I said, "but you didn't eat it!"

She said, "I like regular popsicles."

I said, "That's because you're a picky-pants!"

Well, this resulted in huge peals of laughter, and much chanting of "picky-pants, picky-pants, picky-picky-picky-pants!" by both of us.

Until suddenly, she stopped, looked down, and then back at me, and said, quite seriously, "nuh-uh -- I got shorts on."

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Vic Robinson said...

Haha! That is great!