Thursday, June 10, 2010

yoga woes

As you know, I have really been working harder this year to incorporate more yoga into my life. Why? Well, I get plenty of exercise/activity in my daily routine, (lots of walking, plus general chasing around of preschoolers,) but I do very little that works on flexibility or strength. (But I have amazing endurance! It's not all bad!) Plus, I have a super-wonky back, and need to be stretching to keep things moving in-between chiropractic visits.

Enter: yoga. And I've REALLY been trying. Really, but it's been very hard, fitting in 20 to 30 minutes several days per week.


I feel like I've tried it all -- doing yoga during my break at work, writing it down on my calendar "to do" list, getting dinner prepared ahead of time so I can practice while dinner is in the oven, etc.

But it's not really working. I am often too tired to do yoga during my break at work, (and yoga just makes me sleepier,) and when I get home, I'm often so incredibly hungry (even after a couple of snacks mid- and late-afternoon,) that the thought of delaying dinner 20 or 30 minutes seems like torture.

Today, I woke up early and did yoga first thing this morning. And it wasn't that bad.

Truthfully, I'm really not a morning person . . . AT ALL. And I admit, the first ten minutes of the practice felt like complete torture. And my muscles were so tight from being inactive while sleeping, I didn't feel like I had that great of a practice. But once I got going, the practice felt better, and by the end, I was happy that I had rose early.

Maybe this will be the solution to my yoga woes? Maybe. Hopefully! Any suggestions/ideas are welcome!


Anonymous said...

See?! I am not crazy to get up and get my workout out of the way right away first thing in the morning, lol. It is nice, right?! Now you are DONE for the day and you have one less thing to do :-) Yay morning workouts!


Anonymous said...

If I just do 15 minutes of the energizing sun salutations i feel soooo much better. they will give you energy rather than relax you. plus they are set moves so you can just go through a meditative routine and know just what to expect. keep it up! yoga is so good for you.

Steffi said...

yup. doing yoga first thing in the morning is the only way for me, too. at first it's a drag but it becomes second nature easily - and you can look forward to breakfast :)