Wednesday, June 02, 2010

just the food

Since I'm SO far behind on posting, I thought I'd focus on "just the food" while catching up!

Remember when I found morels at work?

I sauteed the morels, some shallots, thyme, and asparagus in plenty of olive oil, added some salt and pepper, a wallop of sour cream, and some lemon juice, and mixed the lot with some whole-wheat fettucine. Heaven! I've been keeping a careful eye on my "spot," but no new mushrooms have popped up since my lucky day last month. Oh well!

Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble:

Dan actually made the majority of this dessert, (I only sliced the rhubarb and strawberries,) and he was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was! And I quote, "wow -- now I know how to make crumble! That was simple!" Yay for Dan baking!

Homemade pizza:

It's been so long, I really don't remember what went on this. It's always good, though!

I'm always game to try out a new tofu recipe:

I was excited to try the "Chili-Cornmeal Crusted Tofu" recipe from VCON, since it looked so simple. Not only was it a snap to throw together on a weeknight, it was a nice, basic, delicious preparation for the ever-versatile block o' 'fu. Simple steamed asparagus and roasted (yellow-flesh) sweet potatoes rounded out this meal. My only complaint? That I didn't make more! I had plenty of breading left for a second package of 'fu, so I just stuck it in the fridge for a later date. Next time, I'll just make a double-batch!

Dan's famous stir-fry:

Gotta tell you, I can't think of anything better than coming home from work to the smells of peanut oil and Jasmine rice wafting through the air! Well done, Dan!

Local whole-wheat fettucine with homemade mushroom marinara:

Much more exciting than writing "pasta again," right? :)


I made the vanilla cupcakes from VCTOW, topped them with (dairy-full) cream cheese frosting, and home-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries. Yes, I did eat two, although I shared the rest with the kids and staff at work!

I was so excited to try out my new camping cookware set last weekend:

I realize this is a "lame" thing to get excited about, but since I've only been a "real" camper for a few years, each year, I add a few more things to the arsenal. My nesting set of pot, pan, detatchable handle, and universal lid were fabulous to have on hand this past trip! We made . . .

Black Bean and Chipotle Soup:

AND, whole-wheat banana pancakes!

It's definitely a challenge cooking in the outdoors, but not terribly difficult if you plan ahead. The soup and pancakes made nice changes from our usual cold camping meals!

All right . . . I think that leaves me caught up in the food department. Next? Pretty pictures of nature! More later!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think it is lame to get excited about cooking stuff at all--if it is, then I am lame too. Heck, I would be super excited about the new cookware!

Yay for Dan and his cooking contributions to this post! Does this mean he will be cooking/baking more often so you can come home to dinner on the table a little more often?!?