Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I can't believe I haven't posted since Saturday! What happened? Well, let's see . . . Dan made off with the camera for a couple of days, so I had pictures trapped for a little bit. Here was Sunday night's dinner:

Butternut Squash Lasagna, from Cooking Light, was a huge hit! I didn't make their recipe for "Smoky Marinara" -- I just made my own recipe using a 28-ounce can of fire-roased crushed tomatoes. I also cheated a bit and used frozen butternut squash cubes, but hey, they worked beautifully! (I also had a coupon that was about to expire -- double bonus!) This will make a nice change from our usual spinach and artichoke lasagna, and is also another way I've found for both Dan and I to enjoy squash. :)

Dessert made me happy, too!

I had hit up Penzey's earlier in the weekend, and picked up a new blend to try: Cake Spice! I have enjoyed using their Baking Spice for a while now, and Cake Spice is a nice change of pace. What better way to test it out, than in a simple applesauce cake? I threw in some finely chopped pecans for texture and tastiness, and did use half whole-wheat pastry flour, too. Yum! I must confess . . . I have been eating this cake for breakfast! ;)

I did cook on Monday night, too -- Cheese Muffins alongside Red, Gold, Black, and Green Chili, but that was one of those meals that missed being photographed due to the camera being away from home. :) This meal was awesome to come home to, bubbling away in the Crock Pot, and has made delicious lunches for both of us the past two days in a row. I didn't cook last night, (translation: WAY too tired,) and won't be able to cook tonight, either, (choir practice,) but I'm sure I'll be back in the kitchen by Thursday. Until then!

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Vic Robinson said...

Next time butternut squash lasagna is the sunday dinner, I am coming over. Period. :)