Saturday, October 16, 2010

very little actual cooking

Strangely, I did very little actual cooking this past week -- what did we eat? I have no idea! We did go out for dinner on Tuesday night, Dan made some pasta at some point during the week, and I met a friend for dinner on Thursday night, (shout out to Lauren!), but I'm still kind of puzzled!

Here are a few things that made their way from our kitchen to our bellies . . .

Wild Rice Soup!

Dan's Famous Stir-Fry!

(Dan has deemed himself in charge of dinner on Friday nights -- woo!)

Whole-wheat Blueberry Pancakes!

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup!

(Yeah, this doesn't qualify as "cooking" in my book, but at least we ate at home!)


I had a wonderfully pleasant day today! Dan and I ran a few errands this morning, including hitting the farmer's market, where we scored gorgeous produce and a gigantic, beautiful pumpkin! (Isn't it funny that Dan buys pumpkins based on how many seeds he thinks they might contain?) We chilled at home this afternoon, (I even took a nap!), before I headed over to church for a couple of hours. One of the women in my choir was married today, and the choir sang three pieces for the ceremony -- it was so much fun! Tonight, I have been busy in the kitchen prepping veggies and fruits for meals this week, starting some bread dough, making a pumpkin pie, and baking a loaf of banana-zucchini bread for breakfasts. Whew! I still have a pile of black beans bubbling away in the crock pot, so I still have to deal with those at some point. :) Hope you are having an enjoyable Saturday night!


Carrie™ said...

You're certainly busy in the kitchen. Whew! Dan's stir-fry looks amazing! As do those blueberry pancakes. Hey, don't knock tomato soup and grilled cheese. It's one of my very favourite comfort meals. I don't know if you can get Campbell's Old Fashioned Tomato Rice soup in the USA, but if you see it, grab a can. It's the best!

Anonymous said...

I *love* wild rice soup! Is that homemade? It looks fantastic!

So happy to hear you and Dan had such a nice Saturday together :-) Let him know that I think it makes total sense to chose pumpkins based on the quantity of seeds...they are the best part!