Sunday, December 26, 2010

meals . . .

Sorry for my lack of energy, here . . . can't tell if my body is having a stress-induced meltdown, or I have the flu! Regardless, I barely did anything today -- a little laundry and a sinkfull of dishes zapped all of my energy. Frying an egg and toasting some bread for dinner was WORK, I tell you!

BUT, I did make a few tasty things over the past few days . . .

First, chili:

One of my favorite recipes is the "Very Veggie Chili" from Vegan Planet -- I use black beans and something else (this time, black-eyed peas) instead of the chickpeas, and also add some TVP for heartiness. Always a winner!

More pizza:

It was good at the time, but I don't even want to think about pizza right now -- ugh! Hopefully Dan will eat up all of the leftovers for me. :)

And blessed miso soup:

Perfect cold-weather, feeling-icky food. I would have made more tonight, except that chopping veggies sounded too hard today! :(

Time for more tea . . . !!

Oh yes . . . and Merry Christmas! Mine wasn't terribly merry, (eh sick,) but at least I had lots of fun singing at church before the sickness set in!

I promise a much better New Year's post . . . hopefully I'll be healthy by then!


Vic Robinson said...

Looks like some awesome meals! I really like the comforting miso soup. :)

Emily said...

Hope you feel better!

Shaheen said...

Do hope yoru feelign better and energetic to welcome in the New Year.

Need to start eating some healthy grub, that miso soup looks wonderfully comforting.

MeloMeals said...

I want a big bowl of that miso soup!

I hope you're feeling better.