Saturday, January 01, 2011

eleven is my favorite number

Happy New Year! Eleven is indeed my favorite number, and I'm hoping 2011 is going to bring some much-needed change to my life. I can't go into great detail here, but things will be revealed as they transpire. I'm thinking I should do something fun on the blog for 11/11/11 -- maybe 11 days of giveaways? Thankfully, that's almost a whole year away, so I have plenty of time to plan. :)

Anyhow, focusing on New Year's festivities. Dan and I were invited to join friends for a small get-together, but because we're both introverts, tired-out from various stressors, and I'm still sick, (but definitely on the mend!), we decided to keep to ourselves last night. We went to the cheap theatre in Hopkins and saw "Fair Game," which we both enjoyed, before coming home to a LATE dinner. We made a couple of mocktails, set on a pot of Basmati rice, warmed the naan and samosas from the freezer, and heated the food I made earlier in the day. Ta-da! Indian feast for two!

I follow the dal recipe from Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant, adding more spices and chiles, tons of fresh spinach, and a can of diced tomatoes (drained,) which is our usual Indian fare; yesterday, I also made Matter Paneer Made Simple, a reader submission from an old issue of Vegetarian Times. The combination of simple stews, prepared earlier in the day, fragrant rice, and a few high-quality convenience items made for a super-fast, easy, and extremely delicious celebration!

Hope your celebration was happy!


Anonymous said...

We stayed in too. Tooke the kids swimming then had steamed brown rice, grilled portabello mushrooms and spinach salad for dinner, watched Toy Story 3 with the kids, put them to bed then we sorta watched a movie (we were reading books at the same time so we really didn't watch much). Not the most exciting night I guess but we cosy and content with our blankets and books!

Happy New Year and all the best in 2011!

Anonymous said...

I love the Hopkins Theater--cheap and clean and good. Is "Fair Game" the Valarie Plame (CIA) story? I read her book...I would be interested in seeing the movie too, if that was it. Was it good?

Happy New Year!

Neofrieda79 said...

Happy New Year! I'm a vegan mum and I'm studying to beccome a veg* chef. Your blog is very interesting and I'll be here often..Thank you!

MeloMeals said...

That Indian food looks SOOO good!

Happy New Year