Sunday, January 23, 2011

it IS a good day for cocoa!

I had to run a couple of errands BEFORE my yoga class yesterday morning, one of which was stopping at Penzeys -- now, I love the spices in the bulk bin at the co-op just as much as the next person, but I really prefer to do big stock-up trips at the spice store. Why? Their ingredients are just so effing high-quality, I can't say no!

Now, as I was cruising through the store yesterday morning, checking items off my list, I overheard one of the salespeople say to a customer, "it's a good day for cocoa, isn't it?" WHY YES, IT IS A GOOD DAY FOR COCOA! I had a moment of "good consumerism," (i.e., impulse buying,) and picked up a 1-pound bag of their hot cocoa mix. Containing only four ingredients, (cocoa, sugar, ceylon cinnamon, and ground vanilla beans,) I knew it would be a good thing . . . and it was!

I mixed two rounded tablespoons of the mix with two cups of unsweetened coconut milk beverage, warmed the lot in a saucepan, tasted, added a squirt of agave, (I think because the milk was unsweetened,) and voila! Simple, delicious cocoa for a bitter cold night. Both Dan and I LOVED this! Good chocolate flavor, not overly sweet, with gentle hints of cinnamon and vanilla. You can see real vanilla bean seeds swimming at the bottom of your cup . . . that was fun, too. :)

Have you had a moment of "good consumerism" lately? Most of my impulse buys tend to be food-related . . . my previous one was a 5-pound bag of organic grapefruit!

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