Sunday, January 02, 2011

two favorites

I'd had pizza on the meal plan for so long I ended up shredding the cheese the other day and sticking it in the freezer, for fear my beautiful mozzarella was going to get moldy on me! The cheese thawed beautifully tonight, and contributed to one glorious pizza:

I topped a half whole-wheat Artisan Bread crust with organic pizza sauce, (Muir Glen tends to be my brand of choice these days, since it is thick, rich, and perfectly spiced, in my opinion,) plenty of mozzarella, red onion, green bell pepper, fresh tomatoes, cremini mushrooms, sliced black olives, and a sprinkle of oregano. Cheesy, cheesy goodness! I had a little extra cheese after my usual sprinkling, and rather than save it for some other use, I decided to throw caution to the wind and make an extra-cheesy pizza. Good decision!

And hello, WHY have I never served steamed artichokes with pizza before? Heaven on a plate! Two of my most favorite foods in one meal! (Yes, we do dip our artichoke leaves and then dunk the heart in plenty of peppery lemon-butter. Mmmmmmmmm!) I love artichokes so, so much, and am always a little bit sad at the last bite. Fortunately, it will be spring in warmer parts of the country soon, so I can start indulging my artichoke cravings more often!

I think artichokes are tied with asparagus for title of "my favorite vegetable." What's at the top of your list?


singerinkitchen said...

Looks super yummy! Pizza and artichokes sound like a perfect combo to me!

Crystal said...

I tried steaming a whole artichoke earlier this year and just couldn't get over the horrible smell. Didn't love it at all, but enjoy canned hearts :)

As for top veggies: brussels sprouts and broccoli would probably top my list, but it could change by the day.

Anonymous said...

Artichokes ARE my favorite well as my favorite food (well, tied with watermelon :-) )! I am jealous of your artichoke, lol!


tweal said...

I love most vegetables except asparagus - and I have never had artichoke that wasn't from a can. It seems I am missing something big here.

MeloMeals said...

I really love artichokes too.. although I rarely eat them.

Your pizza always looks so good.