Thursday, January 06, 2011

can't get enough

I don't know whether this seems to be a strange thing to crave, but lately, I can't get enough miso soup!

I don't know whether it's the salt, simplicity, or shiitake mushrooms that I crave . . . maybe all three? Anyhow, I feel as though I have been eating gallons of miso soup lately, and have yet to get sick of it! Awesome.

What are some of the foods you can eat again and again without getting sick of them? For me, it's definitely miso soup, breakfast burritos, pretty much anything involving cheese, smoothies, and usually, chili. (Although I totally burned myself out on chili since Christmas . . . I swear, I made the batch of chili that never ends! I FINALLY finished the last serving yesterday! Whew.)

In other news, I signed up for a couple of yoga classes starting over the next couple of weeks! One class is an 8-week series on the philosophy of yoga, and the other is a 6-week series on yoga for back health. I've never taken a yoga class before, and I'm so excited to start! Truthfully, I pretty much can't afford to do this, but sometimes you just gotta spend a little money on yourself for something fun, right? :)

ALSO, Dan and I are starting what I hope to be a new "routine" this weekend -- 28 hours of fun! We are going to take turns planning (and paying for) an evening and a day's worth of activities, starting on Friday night and continuing into Saturday night, since we have been extremely lazy about "dating" lately. This weekend is my turn, and I can't wait! We're going to go out to eat and watch a movie on Friday night, then head to an art museum AND see a play on Saturday! Hooray for fun!

Only one more day until the weekend -- wahoo! Hope you have some fun and/or relaxing plans!


radioactivegan said...

I had a huge craving for miso soup today, too! It was so so good :)

Ali said...

Oh I'm so there with you on the yoga! I signed up for a 2 week course that starts on Monday and goes every night and I'm super excited. I hope you love your classes!!!

Crystal said...

Have fun on your date weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh where are you taking your yoga? I went to corepower on and off for years and LOVED it. As frugal as I am, sometimes health benefits outweigh the costs...

Your 28 hours of fun idea is awesome, Nathan sort of did that for me last weekend for my x-mas present and it's so fun to just have the other person plan something!! We agreed we should definitely plan stuff for each other more often.