Tuesday, November 01, 2011

dinner, served.

Dinner tonight:

It's nice when a few odds and ends can come together to make a delicious and healthy dinner, isn't it? Marinaded tofu (from the freezer,) whole-wheat couscous with lemon and garlic, leftover eggplant (brushed with soy sauce and olive oil, then broiled,) and roasted broccoli with chili flakes.

Sorry, folks -- I just can't come up with anything else to say about this meal! It was easy, it was healthy, it hit the spot. :) Work's been unusually intense these past couple of weeks, so I'm kinda shot . . . but I'll be back later in the week with soup! Until then.

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Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous--I love broccoli and the eggplant looks perfectly browned and cooked!