Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday nights are made for baking

Wouldn't you agree? :)

Always simple, always delicious, apple crisp:

I love that I make fruit crisps often enough that I have the recipe memorized . . . no need to pull out that hefty behemoth that is Joy of Cooking, just to make a humble dessert. :)

In other news, does anyone else hate the Daylight Savings switch as much as I do? It feels like it should be SO much later than 7:20 right now! (Probably because I woke up at 4:50 AM this morning, because my body thought it was 5:50 AM! GRRR.)

Sometimes being on a predictable schedule has its drawbacks.

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Jenn A. said...

That looks so yummy! Sadly, I didn't do any baking today. I would have loved to, but I'm also in need of groceries so I didn't have all the ingredients I'd need on hand.

I do hate daylight savings, it was dark outside by 6pm!